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  • Summer Bank Holiday

    Dear Students, the Kuwait cultural office will be closed this Monday. Inshaa Allah we will resume regular working hours on Tuesday, Aug the 30th. Have a great one!! 26/08/16 [...]

  • Eid Break

    The Cultural Office will be close during Eid break from Wednesday 06/7/2016 to Monday 11/07/2015. 05/07/2016 [...]

  • Scholarship plan 2016/2017

    the Ministry of Higher Education recommendation scholarship plan for the academic year 2016/2017 01/07/2016 [...]

  • Removed Universities

    MOHE students and students who are joining MOHE Scholarships, please be advised that these Universities are not approved 23/06/2016 [...]



  • More than 150 Universities and Colleges

    Type to filter the school:     University of Birmingham University of East Anglia University of Exeter University of Leeds University of Leicester University of […]
  • More than 20 Sponsors

      Ministry of Higher Education Civil Service Commission Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Kuwait University Kuwait Institute for Scientific Researc […]
  • More than 60 Staff

    Office Management Dr. Fawzan AlFares Head of Office +44(0)20 7761 8507 Nadine Othman Secretary +44(0)20 7761 8507   Wafa […]
Please be advised that all English Language Offers will be obtained by the Cultural Office. The Cultural Office encourages all new students to sit for the IELTS exam. Also note that the Cultural Office is open for students’ visits on Tuesdays and Fridays without prior appointment. If you wish to visit the Office outside the specified days (Fridays and Thursdays), please insure that you have a booked appointment with your academic advisor. Read more